"Hailing from the indie mecca of Brooklyn, Hints sound like the Smiths' well-produced grandson… they have their sound nailed down, they're plenty catchy, and most of all, they're fun."All Things Go

"Comparisons have already been drawn to British indie titans such as the Smiths, Orange Juice, and Aztec Camera, to name a mere few. And with the band's blend of clasping guitars, shuffling rhythms, crooned, melancholy vocal hooks, the aforementioned /comparisons become completely understandable." The Whiteboard Project

"While they might be wearing some of their influences on their sleeves (those lilting, wise vocals), they're also doing what they do really well."The Fader

"(the band) does have its second batch of singles ready, an A-side "Cher Ami" as good as any from the borough this year." – 32ft per second

"Picking only one song to highlight is tough because No Regrets in Old English sounds like a greatest hits album... Hints are coming out strong with their first EP—No Regrets in Old English is a modern new wave masterpiece." Slug Magazine

"...the band crafts a wondrous pop latticework of jubilant guitar sounds, gossamer vocal harmonies and melodies that you'll be humming for days... Guitar pop is alive and well in the radiant musical threads of Hints, and whether they realize it or not, they're helping show people that this genre is not just some jingle-jangle throwback—it's full of the creative determination and force that come along with the best kind of pop music." – Nooga.com